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awesome musical ...Eastwood does it again ...
   Azucena Paez
This have been great for scrimmaging my elementary and middle school basketball teams.. They do wear out after about 2 seasons.. But for the price they work great!
   Magdy Fares
These are really nice, good-fitting, comfortable shorts, and I have always trusted Hanes to wear well and last a long time.  Quick delivery, really reasonable price, too!  Thanks!!
   Eric Boyd
These are basic jersey material exercise shorts.  I have washed and worn them 3-4 times now and the stitching and drawstring are holding up well.  Much better than the Russell shorts I had purchased previously.  If you're trying to figure out the weight of the material, I'd say it is a bit thicker than a typical t-shirt but not by a lot.

   Gi Gi

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