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forex trading

Which is called trading, before Open Position, we will definitely tamper with various indicators on the chart. The goal is simple, so that you can get a signal, there are instructions in which direction the price will move. Generally, these indicators almost always move in the direction of prices. It means that if the price decreases, the direction of the indicator also slides, if one goes up, the other also follows. However, what happens if the indicator instead moves in different directions with price movements?

Divergence, Filter "Effective" to Filter Price Fluctuations

Indicators are generally designed by the creator to represent price movements. So naturally, the indicator will move in the direction of price movements. That's if the market conditions are normal.

Well, if you pay more attention, it turns out that the indicator doesn't always move in the direction of price movements. For example, when prices skyrocket, the indicator only moves horizontally or even decreases slowly.
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Yeah, how come I can? What caused it?

Well, please note that indicators, especially Leading Indicators such as RSI, MACD and Stochastic, are able to project alias "predict" fate, uh, price movements.

Described in more detail, Leading Indicators can plot the location of overbought and oversold. Overbought points can also be used as a benchmark for Resistance. Meanwhile, Level Oversold can be considered as a Support level. So when prices fluctuate because of traders' sentiments, the leading indicator is able to "filter" at the level where the nature of prices should be. This is the technical reason why the (Leading) indicator can move in different directions or divergence with the latest price movements.
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So what is the importance of knowing the phenomenon of Divergence?

Good question, because Divergence is closely related to eccentric trading signals. In short, you will get a Buy signal when the price falls or Sell signal when the price soars, but it can be profitable.

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