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What is a swap?
In trading on the Forex market, a negative or positive account transaction appears on the trading platform where you manage your investments, affecting the assets in our account under the name swap. What is this swap item projected to our account, and how is it calculated? Swap is the process of swapping the cash flows that will be created by any two assets with equal monetary value within a certain period of time. swap income / expenses on assets. In the Forex market, swap is different from other financial markets and is the transportation cost. Briefly:
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Let us assume that the euro will be valued against the US dollar and open the buying position in the EUR / USD pair with the dollar asset in our Forex account. When we do this, we receive the Euro on the parity traded with our Dollar assets. In other words, with the long process we open, we sell a certain amount of USD, we borrow a certain amount of Euro. When we do not close our position on the same day, our account will be deducted under the name of swap or revenue. You ask why? In the forex market we take interest for the currency we sell, and for the currency we buy, we pay interest until we close the position. The difference between the interest we receive and the interest we receive is reflected in our account. For the positions closed on the same day, there is no swap.

In the above example, we borrow interest for the USD we sell, and give interest on the Euro we borrow. Since the interest rate of USD is lower than Euro, swap price is reflected as negative in this position. If we sold a high-interest currency and had a low interest rate, then a positive swap revenue would have been reflected in our account.
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Consequently, the numerical net difference between these two interests is reflected in the position at 00:00 every business day. In other words, the difference in the overnight interest rate settlement is added to the position.

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